6 Benefits of Green Vegetables and Why You Should Eat More


As you may already know you should be already eating most of your carbohydrates from healthy sources like vegetables. At least five servings and up to nine portions of vegetables and fruits are recommended in order to maintain ideal health. Although the benefits of a vegetarian diet are undeniable it is also important to analyze how green vegetables affect your health and the many things you can do to take advantage of everything they have to offer. I find really interesting the fact that color is a clear indicator about the components of a natural edible item and color green in vegetables come from chlorophyll. I will list 6 Benefits of Green Vegetables and Why You Should Eat More next:

1. They will help you to maintain good vision for a long time to come.

Green vegetables include a healthy dose of phytochemicals which are some of the best natural forms of medicine to fight diseases. Among other ingredients you will be able to find Lutein which is key in preventing and treating cataracts which tend to happen quite naturally as you age but with the adequate prevention in daily habits you will be to be one step ahead. Some of the best sources of lutein can be found on the following vegetables:

- Spinach.

- Kale.

- Green Peas.

- Romaine Lettuce.

- Broccoli.

- Leafy greens.

2. They are an ally in the battle of breast cancer.

One out of 8 women in the USA will get breast cancer in the years to come. This is by no means a small number which is why knowing that green vegetables help not only to prevent but also to fight breast cancer is critical. Green vegetables should be on the daily diet of any woman who wants to decrease her possibilities of acquiring this common type of cancer due to their high amount of the phytochemical indoles content.

3. They help prevent prostate cancer.

Men are affected by prostate cancer. It is one of the most common forms of the disease among the male population and although there is a wide range of medication options to choose from you will be able to find that prevention is the best way to tackle this pressing problem. In most recent studies it has been found that the possibilities of acquiring prostate cancer were reduced up to 42 percent. Indoles play a large role in this process and some of the best sources will be mentioned next:

- Cauliflower.

- Broccoli.

- Brussels sprouts.

- Kale.

- Cabbage

4. They can be eaten daily and are easy to be found.

In every part of the world you will be able to find green vegetables and this is no small feat since some places where you might travel to have different soil conditions and only local and you will be able to find only local products. Fortunately you will be able to find green vegetables almost everywhere in the world.

5. They are a complete source of vitamins and antioxidants

Free radicals are some of the natural culprits of aging and antioxidants help fight them and also in the quest to regulate most vital functions which are critical to keep good health.

6. They are an enjoyable low calorie substitute for higher calorie foods.

The fact that a dish is vegetarian doesn’t mean it is also low calorie which is why the safe route is to eat green vegetables. With all the aforementioned benefits you will find yourself felling much more satisfied while your waist does not go up in size.

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