7 Benefits of Going on a Vegan Diet


More and more men and women from all over the world are coming to realize the tremendous benefits of going on a vegan diet. The truth is that veganism is exploding all around the world and especially in the United States, where 1,527 interviewed chefs from famous restaurants declared that going vegan is a national trend. However, being a vegan is not so much about changing your diet as it is about changing your lifestyle and life philosophy.

People become vegans for several reasons, including ethical reasons concerning animal rights, saving the environment, losing weight, promoting good health or living a healthier lifestyle. The three main categories of reasons why people adopt a vegan lifestyle are environmental, health and ethical. We have found 7 unique benefits of starting a vegan diet.

1. Save Money

First of all, by going vegan you can save plenty of money in the long run. Diary and meat are typically more expensive than vegan food, such as fruits, vegetables, beans or grains. The produce available at farmer’s markets are not only fresh and tasty, they are way cheaper than traditional products.

2. Save the Environment

Another notable benefit of going on a vegan diet is the reduction of carbon footprint on the environment. Raising animals has a negative impact on the environment, because they deplete food and water. In addition, animals produce greenhouse gases which are mainly responsible for the well-known global warming phenomenon.

3. Save Animals

Most vegans say that fewer animals will be slaughtered if we would all become vegan. They are right. Millions of animals are killed on a yearly basis just to meet the ever growing demand of humanity for meat and meat related products.

4. Live Healthier Lives

Most animals are feed with additional hormones to make them grow bigger, give more meat and grow up faster. The modern medicine has altered the natural course of life by diminishing the dependency of animals on the environment. Now, most of them depend on machines and artificial food to grow. Hence, the meat we eat is certainly not 100% natural. By going vegan, you can live a healthier life and enjoy all the organic benefits of fresh, natural products.

5. Lose Weight

Many overweight women and men have lost tens of pounds by switching to vegan diets. Of course, a healthy diet goes hand in hand with exercising, sleep and in some cases weight loss supplements. However, the main factor in losing weight is a healthy, natural diet.

6. Promote Health

According to a recent study conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Virginia, eating animal proteins and fats found in meat raise the risk of developing diabetes, cancer, hypertension, heart diseases and arthritis by up to 60%. Also, men are way more prone to prostate cancer, a serious disease with unpleasant consequences.

7. Non-Addictive

Lastly, going on a vegan diet is not an addictive habit. You can always go back to your favorite foods in case you want.

Going vegan is not such a hard thing to do, especially if you want to enjoy one of the above 7 benefits. If you’ve never tried one of these diets before, maybe now is the best time to start – tomorrow it might be too late.

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