Avocado Serves More Than The Appetite

Avocado treatment and skin CareMost of us will not think twice when taking out an extra dollar for an avocado in our subway sandwich. Besides serving our appetite avocado is a great source of nourishment for our skin. Avocado contains vitamins (A, B, C, E and K) as well as potassium, copper, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. Additionally it has plenty of fiber and protein but can definitely be harmful for those who are weight cautions due to its high calories from fat.
Wrinkled skin shows our age, stress, and tiredness. Every beauty product offers us methods to keep a glowing healthy skin that looks ageless, stress less and youthful. Avocado in your diet and on your face will give you these wishes. The antioxidant in avocado oil has anti-aging effects by preventing and removing wrinkles. It improves the skins thickness and the overall appearance. Vitamin C builds the elastin and collagen that we innately lose through aging. This will slow down the progression of wrinkles. Avocado cleanses your face by removing dead skin; this is due to its vitamin A content. Always wearing sunscreen when you walk out the door? Well, that is a number one preventive factor from skin cancer but using avocado oil will defend your skin from this and other environmental factors. Not satisfied? Avocado will also keep your skin moist. Chemicals at your local drug stores offer all of these treatments while stripping your wallets from hard earned money. Avocado is one of the many fruits and vegetables that serve more than just your appetite.

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