Banana; High Calories or Good Carbs

Bananas are fruits NOT recommended for our weight conscious society due to their high calorie content. If you want to lose weight friends and family as well as nutritionists will tell you to stay away from bananas. However, bananas are very nutritious for us. I personally recommend weight conscious people to stay away from “bad carbs” bananas fall under “good carbs”, they will not contribute much to weight gain if your are living a healthy life style. Bananas are rich in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Manganese, Fiber and Potassium. How will these vitamins and minerals contribute to our health?

Our beloved heart which represents so much more than love, this is the engine of our bodies, it’s the motor for living, this is what keeps us going on daily basis. Lets protect it should we? Sounds dramatic don’t it? Well it definitely is serious, and something we need to pay attention to. Eat “heart healthy!” The fiber and the potassium in the bananas will pump our hearts. Potassium protects our heart against blood pressure and atherosclerosis giving us longer lifeline.

Our second most beloved organ is the stomach where we fill it up with double cheeseburger, fries and oh my goodness, ice cream and I can go on listing. Stomach our curse and our love. Bananas work magic in our stomach. They have antacid effects and also eliminate bacteria from our stomach, which is known to cause stomach ulcers.

Bananas help against diarrhea. Besides serving to lower blood pressure, potassium in the banana also helps control diarrhea and due to its fiber content elimination becomes an easy go. Bananas also contain prebiotics, which help us absorb nutrients better, this is definitely important in bone mineral density.

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