Health Benefits Of Plant Based Milks


A plant based diet is ideal for a healthy body, and this is according to research conducted for many years and well documented in many health journals. Nothing completes a plant based diet more than plant based milks, what with their high nutritive value and the wide variety available to suit different peoples’ tastes and preferences. Plant based milks also offer a great alternative to people who are lactose intolerant and still want to enjoy a creamy, healthy drink every so often.

There are many health benefits of plant based milks. Some of these benefits include:

1. Plant based milks are made from plants rich in nutrients that are good for our bodies like proteins, omega fatty acids, calcium, magnesium and vitamins, and contain no fats and cholesterol that clog our arteries, and lead to a multitude of lifestyle diseases.

Soy milk tops the list when it comes to high protein content as soy is a complete protein meaning that soy milk provides all the amino acids required by the body. Plant based milks are also low in calories, and they provide healthy drinks that do a lot of good to the body without any harmful side effects.

Hemp milk is rich in omega fatty acids and other essential nutrients that are required for the proper functioning of the body.

2. Plant based milks are free of lactose and casein which cannot be tolerated by most people. These two are common allergens that can lead to boating and also irritate the digestive system.

3. Plant based milks have healing properties. Some of these milks work to rid the body off harmful substances like cholesterol, for example soy milk while others like almond milk and soy milk have antiseptic properties, protecting the stomach and the digestive system as a whole.

4. Soy milk is known to regulate hormones in women and also work great in reducing the negative effects of menopause on women. This is because soy has the ability to mimic estrogen, a hormone whose level falls considerably during menopause exposing menopausal women to osteoporosis, dementia and the depressing symptoms associated with menopause.

5. Plant based milks contain plant based fiber. Some of the health benefits associated with plant fiber includes lowering of blood sugar and ensuring an efficient digestive system.

The above points just outline the basic health benefits of plant based milk. It is safe to say that most if not all of the available plant based milk, whether made from nuts, legumes or grains have a lot to offer when it comes to nourishing our bodies. Most vegetarians often need to take into consideration their protein intake to ensure that their bodies’ protein daily requirements are met without taking any animal proteins. Plant based milks provide these much needed proteins ensuring that vegetarians get a balanced diet. It is advisable to take different types of the plant based milks not just to experiment on the different tastes, but also to take advantage of the many nutrients, and the health benefits that come with the different milks.

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