Vitamins and Minerals: Good or Bad?


We live in the era of the “magic pill” where every problem we have can be solved with a glass of water and a capsule. We have become disconnected and untrusting of Mother Nature’s power, which has provided us with nurture, care and health for many centuries. Humans have gone far and beyond to create convenience which has many of us lost and distant from natural sources of food. This article was published in the “Consumer Reports on Health” in February of 2010. According to Linda Van Horn, PhD a professor at the University Of Feinberg School Of Medicine in Chicago, writes that research on vitamin supplements has shown neither benefit nor harm.pills
If there is no strong evidence that supports vitamins with good health why do people continue spending their pocket money on these products? Nature gives us the opportunity to work and produce vast variety of foods that already contain vitamins and minerals essential to our health. Number of American’s are already depending on prescribed medication for longevity, there is no need to add more produced pills into our systems especially if they don’t work as good as intended. Some people argue that they have no money to eat a healthy diet; but, people seem to have plenty of money to go to the nearest drug store and purchase over the counter supplements.
Too much of this and too little of that has people confused on what they should and should not believe. For centuries food was our medicine and it is time to go back to that ritual. Adding these manmade capsules to our diet only harms and distances us from nature. Instead of spending our dollars on unnatural products that not only harm the planet but do not do any good for us, we should spend that money to put more fruits and vegetable on to our plates.

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